“Biology lessons for medical university entrance exam”

If you have a biology exam coming up and you need help – sign up for private biology lessons.

Lessons are held in person (Plovdiv) or online.


Why it’s good to prepare for the exam with a teacher:


I will direct you to the most important things for the exam, so you won't feel lost in all of the information in the student books and online.


I will explain things to you sequentially and logically. You save time and instead of wondering what exactly you need to learn, you immediately understand the material learned during the lesson.


When you are tutored by someone who knows the format of the exam, you have the opportunity to spare yourself learning some unimportant details, concentrating only on the essentials.

Госпожа Кръстева преподава точно това, което е необходимо за изпита по достъпен начин. Аз съм приета с ветеринарна медицина.

Мария Станева-Бонели

Госпожица Кръстева ми помогна да се справя с втората задължителна матура (биология), а започнах да ходя при нея 4 месеца преди матурата.

Христо Тодоров

Цветелина Гемишева

Mариета Рашкова

About me

My name is Vasilena Krasteva. I teach biology both at university and through private lessons.
All of my private students have been accepted into their desired major – MEDICINE, DENTAL MEDICINE, PHARMACY, AND ALL BIOLOGICAL MAJORS IN THE COUNTRY.

You can see my certificates and credentials here.